A self-promotional message…

Agnes and True is proud to present our fourth story. Read “The Red Kite” by Paula Dunning:



I went back to the “Message from Paula” (at the top of this page) posted more than a year ago to find this reminder of one purpose for this blog: “an opportunity for me to introduce myself as an emerging—as well as aging—author.” So, while I haven’t posted for nearly two months I feel justified in using the space for some shameless self-promotion.

A new online journal, Agnes and True (yes, it’s a funny name…you can read about it on their site) is interested in “older, emerging, Canadian, women” authors. Hmmm. Check, check, check, check. So I sent them a short story I wrote last summer when you’ll remember—if you were following this at the time—I was in the throes of a decision about where and how to live for the next decade, or for as long as I stay fit and healthy.

The folks at Agnes and True liked the story, and they’ve published it on their site today.


Unlike Rachel in the story, I am still on the “farm”, still fit and healthy, enjoying this all-too-short summer. And resolving to return to blogging.

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3 Responses to A self-promotional message…

  1. jennydunning says:

    I know I read this–but somehow seeing it typeset and published makes it even better. And I’d forgotten how moving the ending is. Congratulations.

  2. burr888 says:

    Very touching,Paula. Your work always brings me back to other houses and our Tallow Hill farm….

  3. burr888 says:

    Ps. You really are ok??

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