Little Details…A photo show

Facebook reminds me that one year ago we were at home in Echo Bay, Ontario, experiencing late winter in the north for the first time in many years. We’d left our Mexican home in a frenzy, having just learned that Jack had a large, malignant tumor on one kidney.

The memory of the long two months, watching winter turn to spring and waiting for a surgery date, has faded a bit. But at that point, we didn’t know when—or even if—we’d be back here in our second home. Which makes last week’s successful event all the more satisfying.

It was last January when Foro Cultural, a small gallery here in Guanajuato, agreed to mount an exhibit of Jack’s photography—a coming-out of sorts for him. He’s been taking photos for as long as I’ve known him, and he’s shown some along with his pottery in local, northern Ontario craft sales. But this would be something altogether different: a one-man show, something of a dream-come-true. He’d selected the photos, printed them, had a local carpenter make wooden frames.

The show was scheduled for early March. We flew home in mid February. Mounting photos was far from Jack’s mind.

Last Thursday, the exhibit opened. Exactly one year late.

It was a grand success. Jack had decided to donate any proceeds to a local organization that provides scholarships for bright students who could otherwise not afford post-secondary education. Members of that group turned out in spades, along with quite a few others who’d seen announcement. To Jack’s delight, many bought photos.

Here’s a quick partial tour of little things around Guanajuato that we don’t notice: Detalles no Percibidos. The photos will be on display at least until the end of March.


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6 Responses to Little Details…A photo show

  1. Sheila Harris says:

    I am commenting here rather than there because I don’t know how there. We are very very happy for Jack! Sheila and Tim Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  2. elda roberts says:

    What an impressive show. Great job, Jack. Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. doris welz says:

    congratulation Jack . The show looks very impressive. Love the pictures I saw. Wish I could see it myself.

  4. Stuart Armstrong says:

    What a talented family you are! We are so happy for Jack and you. The exhibit looks wonderful and so does Jack. You have always been very charitable and that was a wonderful thing to do.You both have been in our thoughts. Enjoy the rest of your time in your ” second home”. Jean and Stu

  5. J. Lynn Campbell says:

    Thanks Paula for sending these images, and congratulations to Jack on his photo exhibition.
    Best regards, Lynn

  6. Christa Freiler says:

    Conchgratulations. Wonderful photos.

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