A message from Paula

I think it’s about time I revised this message. Almost three years ago, I introduced myself and my blog like this:

Welcome to From Echo River—a place I’ve lived and (mostly) loved for more than forty years. It’s where I’m blogging from; it’s also where I will be moving from, and so this blog is a reflection on how it feels and what’s involved in pulling up roots that have been nourished by the same soil for more than four decades. I know it will be painful; I hope it will be an adventure, as well.

Well, that never happened. After several months of looking for a place we’d rather live, we discovered there wasn’t one. With each possibility, we came closer to the realization that we were looking for what we already had. And so, we backed away from the brink and are still living “on the farm” along the Echo River; we hope to be there for years to come.

About half the time I’m blogging “From Guanajuato”—the city in central Mexico where we’ve been spending winters for more than a decade, a place that has become a second home with a very different set of activities and vibes from my settled life on the river.

So…the site no longer adheres to its earlier theme of “moving on in time and place”, although I haven’t found a way to stop the time part. It’s quite unabashedly a place for me to report, ponder, rant, and otherwise commit to words my thoughts and experiences in a world that continues to amaze, trouble, and befuddle after more than seven decades. In other words—I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope you continue to enjoy it.

I also indicted, three years ago, that I’d be using the site to promote myself as an emerging writer. I haven’t emerged in a big way, but since then my memoir, Shifting Currents, has been published by Embajadoras Press, a cooperative venture involving the small group of writers who meet regularly during the winter months in Guanajuato. Check it out at www.embajadoraspress.com  Order the book on Amazon, if you’re so inclined.

16 January 2017 (Guanajuato, Mexico)


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